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PS app发泡镜框型材生产线

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  • 产品品牌   必威_必威手机app_必威体育app手机版官网下载
  • 产品型号   65-90-100-120
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    YF 系列PS app发泡镜框型材挤出生产线,主要有单app主app和配套共挤机,冷却水槽,热转印机组,牵引机,切割机,翻料 架组成,整条生产线配有进口ABB 交流变频器控制,进口RKC 温空仪表等元气...


PS app发泡镜框型材生产线
PS Foamed Picture Frame Extrusion Line

YF 系列PS app发泡镜框型材挤出生产线,主要有单app主app和配套共挤机,冷却水槽,热转印机组,牵引机,切割机,翻料
架组成,整条生产线配有进口ABB 交流变频器控制,进口RKC 温空仪表等元气件,具有塑化好,产量高,使用可靠的特点。其中热
转印机组是根据进口样机改进设计而成,它主要采用热压印的方式,将色带上的涂料压印在发泡PS 异型材上。该机外观美观、性
YF Series PS Foam Profile Extrusion Line, consists of single screw extruder and the special co-extruder, with the cooling
water tank, hot stamping machine system, haul-off unit, and stacker. This line with imported ABB AC inverter control,
imported RKC temperature meter etc. and features of good plasticization, high output capacity, and stable performance
etc.The hot stamping machine system combined foreign technology, by the hot stamping embossing method,
transfer the coating layer from the film to the PS foamed profile. The machine with good appearance, stable performance,
accurate & easy operation. By adjust the embossing wheel the machine can work on various of different profiles.
Working together with the main extruder and other extrusion down steam equipments, this line is popular as the latest
developed producing line.